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Facts about restaurant insuranceJust like any other business, it is important to have your restaurant insured and we’ve put together a few facts about restaurant insurance that are sure to blow your mind.

You do not want to wake up one day and find that a client sued the restaurant and makes you sell or close the business over food poisoning, or a fire starts in the kitchen and burns down the restaurant and you do not have any money to start all over again. Restaurant insurance is just one of several specialty business insurance policies and it covers several risks and gives you peace of mind as you continue with your business.

Here are five facts about restaurant insurance that are going to blow your mind:

Restaurant insurance covers the food you serve your clients

A simple mistake in the preparation of food may get you into a legal tussle with high chances of losing the battle. However, with restaurant insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your back is covered.

You are covered against slips and fall within your premises

The glossy smooth floor may cause one of your clients to fall and get injured. Given the regulations in many states, a slip and fall accident may bring down your business. Other risks that may lead to a lawsuit include damage to the building and general lawsuits by your creditors and suppliers. You can get your restaurant business covered for such risks under general liability coverage.

Your food trucks are also insured by the policy

You are insured against damage your trucks may cause when making deliveries or bringing food to your restaurant. Restaurant insurance covers the areas where your motor vehicle insurance may not cover effectively. The restaurant commercial auto insurance coverage is usually provided separately from your general restaurant insurance. The cost of the insurance largely depends on the type of the vehicle that you have.

Restaurant insurance can help cover operating costs in an emergency

Your business may be gutted by fire or damaged by a storm or floods such that you are not able to operate it for a period of time. Restaurant insurance can cover you for the loss of income for the period that the business is not operational. This can save you from getting into debt when not earning.

Restaurant insurance coverage is an essential part of any restaurant business. Now that you know these five facts about restaurant insurance, contact us today for the best insurance coverage solutions suited for your business. Then, you will get along with your business without any worry.