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There are many benefits of commercial auto insurance. The state of California requires all drivers to carry adequate and approved insurance coverage. This is even more important for businesses in the Santa Barbara area who depend on their vehicles to deliver products and services for profit. Without the right auto insurance coverage, you could find yourself suddenly put out of business by an accident.

However, asset protection isn’t the only reason why you need commercial auto insurance. Here are several additional benefits you’ll gain from your California auto coverage.

You Become a Better Credit Risk

Banks and lending institutions consider a variety of factors during the loan application process. Besides your credit score and income, lenders look at other things that could affect your ability to repay. One of them is your insurance coverage. If you are financing your commercial vehicle purchase, your lender will most likely require a certain level of insurance coverage. Getting a policy with greater coverage limits may be the move that makes a lender give your application a little extra consideration.

Your Equipment is Covered Too

While the details of each insurance contract vary, commercial auto insurance generally covers any equipment that’s carried in your work vehicle. So if you get in an accident and destroy your inventory, you may be able to add that to your insurance claim. Your insurance also covers things like theft and vandalism, which is a big advantage for delivery-based businesses that work in high-incident areas.

You Might Qualify for Better Lease Terms

Businesses who lease their vehicles traditionally struggle with controlling costs. Cleaning and maintenance fees often add up to some impressive charges at the end of the agreement period. Training your drivers in proper driving techniques is an effective way to reduce the scraps and scratches that pump up your leasing payments. However, even safe driving has its limits. Your commercial auto insurance policy can be customized to include special protections for leased vehicles that can convince sales lots to significantly lower your liabilities.

Get More Customers

In competitive markets, your business needs every possible advantage to draw positive attention. Customer service is a primary concern when buyers are looking for a place to shop. More than just a solution to their problem, consumers want to believe that the company they’re doing business with cares about their wellbeing. Having adequate insurance coverage is an easy way to show your customers that you care. With your valid California auto insurance policy, your customers know that their property and personal space will always be financially protected from any blunders or accidents.

Understand the Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance

Now that we’ve addressed some of the major benefits of commercial auto insurance, it’s important to note that being properly and fully covered doesn’t need to break that bank. While auto insurance is definitely no place to be overly frugal, there are some cost-saving measure of which you may not be aware.

Brashears Insurance Agency carries commercial auto insurance for businesses of all sizes and industries in the Santa Barbara area. Contact us to learn about more perks your commercial auto insurance policy might offer.