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Insurance mistakes

Avoiding costly insurance mistakes can save your restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you understand what it takes to start and run a restaurant, but you also understand that insurance mistakes are easy to make. A lot of time, money and resources were put into its establishment. This, however, doesn’t mean the end of your investment journey.

As is synonymous with business people, busy schedules are an everyday norm. Likewise, as a restaurant owner, you no doubt have a lot on your plate (see what we did there?). From the back office to the kitchen, to the staff, everything falls squarely on your shoulders. Again, even with the tight schedule, a restaurant proprietor shouldn’t be too busy to consider the critical issue of restaurant insurance.

Also, restaurant owners tend to overlook important aspects when purchasing restaurant insurance. On that regard, read on to understand the common insurance mistakes that restaurant owners make:

Mistake # 1: Disregarding the reality of the need for business insurance

It’s a given that no business wants to incur a loss, no matter how big or small. It’s a common misconception of most restaurant owners that buying insurance is expensive. At Brashears Insurance, we can shop your policy with multiple carriers to ensure you get the best price possible. With each passing day, accidents are increasingly likely to happen. Getting coverage that specifically suits your restaurant needs will ensure the safety of your business in case of any eventualities.

Mistake #2: Being too busy for insurance

It is widely known that owners of a restaurant rarely have the time to have a look at the complexities of an insurance policy suitable for their establishment. As much as this may be true, it’s important for every restaurant owner to prioritize insurance for the well-being and safety of their restaurant, their employees and their patrons. You just never know when disaster might strike

Mistake #3: Not purchasing from a broker

When you purchase your restaurant insurance from a company that does not take the time to get you know you and your business, it will most definitely cost you more in the end. A large number of business people buy insurance from a close friend, relative or their home or auto insurers. Buying insurance from a broker that can assign a skilled representative who will get to know you and your business is crucial. That personal service is what Brashears Insurance is all about.

Mistake #4: Presuming general liability insurance is all they need

Several business owner policies (BOP) contain general liability. Many proprietors think that general liability covers all areas of their business, but this isn’t the case. Your establishment is unique and has unique requirements.

So, to avoid costly insurance mistakes, let Brashears Insurance take the load off your back by giving you comprehensive restaurant coverage tailored to your restaurant’s needs. Give us a call today at (805) 564-7645 or contact us online and we’ll be delighted to offer you unparalleled peace of mind.