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Do you think your home is safe from fire? Even if you are taking all of the precautions possible, there may be hidden risks oh which you may not be aware, making your home a high fire risk. We at Brashears Insurance have seen far too many fire claims come in to ever to feel completely safe, but that is why we’re here! Home insurance policies that cover fire damage are crucial, but understanding the unique risks your home faces is also notable.

Distance to a Fire Hydrant or Station

How far away is your home from the nearest fire hydrant and even fire station? Is there a fire hydrant within a close enough distance to allow a firefighter to put out flames, should they ever catch? How about a fire station, do you have one within a few miles of the household? If you have both that are far away, there is a higher risk to have a fire start and be contained.

Proximity to Brush

What is the state of the landscaping around your home? Are there a lot of woods where there could be piles of brush present? Brush, once it dries out, can quickly catch on fire and spread quite rapidly. We have seen brush fires cause home damage time and time again, so be aware of the risks that exist.

Dirty Kitchen is a High Fire Risk

Is your kitchen adequately cleaned? If you have a cooktop or an oven full of grease, there exists a high fire risk of a grease fire. Grease fires can flare up in an instant and can easily spread, doing damage throughout the home. A dirty kitchen is something you can take care of with adequate cleaning, but it can still be hard to stay on top.

Extension Cords Throughout

Do you have extension cords going everywhere throughout the household? They do present a high fire risk, especially when they are of the older variety. Get rid of any extension cords that are broken or frayed.

Lint in the Dryer

Ever use lint to start a campfire? It is incredible how quickly it can catch! Lint that builds up in the dryer can cause the same result, only much more damaging as it is inside of the household. Be sure you are cleaning the lint out of the dryer regularly to avoid build-up and fire risk.

Never underestimate the risk that is present when it comes to potential fire damage. For some homeowners, a high fire risk is always there, no matter how much preparation and precaution you take. Be aware of the dangers and proactive about remedying them, once identified. Seek out and buy a home insurance policy to cover you should a terrible disaster ever strike.  Brashears Insurance agents are ready to help!