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When it comes to having the right insurance for your business, there are only so many options. One of the biggest things to consider when you choose commercial business insurance is how to make the most of the policy you purchase. Here are seven tips to think about when you need to make the most of your commercial business insurance:

Make Sure the Most Important Areas Are Covered

By choosing Brashears Insurance, clients can feel secure knowing that all of their main insurance needs are met. Reach out to one of our associates today, and find the right level and type of insurance coverage to make sure your business is covered.

Take Steps to Protect Your Business

Making sure your business is a safe and healthy place to work matters. Keeping things organized, cleaning up spills, and fixing any damage can go a long way – and may even help reduce premiums.

Reduce the Risk of Customer Injury to Reduce Claims

The safer customers are in your store, the less likely they will be injured and file a lawsuit. Keep aisles clear, walkways clean, and spills cleaned up anywhere that customers may roam at your location.

Work From Home? Don’t Assume Your Homeowners Insurance Will Cover You

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who run a home-based business, chances are you still need commercial business insurance. Many homeowners insurance policies contain exclusions for home-based businesses. Make sure to check with your insurance broker regarding your specific coverages and exclusions.

Make Warnings and Instructions Clear

If you need to caution people, do it plainly and clearly. Don’t be vague, and don’t put tiny signs up where they might be missed. The more direct you are, the better defense you’ll have if someone ignores the signs.

Work With Your Agent to Get the Right Commercial Business Insurance

Your agent is a great line of defense against having the wrong policy. You want to be sure you’re paying close attention to what they recommend, so you can get the best commercial insurance policy for the needs your business has.

Examine and Update Your Policy Frequently to Keep it Current

Take a look at your policy every few months, and consider whether your business needs have changed. Talk to your agent at least once or twice per year about the policy, too. That can help protect your interests.

Ready to get the best commercial insurance for your business? Contact Brashears Insurance today to get the information and assistance you need. Then you can have peace of mind when it comes to the right level and type of coverage to keep your company protected.