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Does your restaurant have liquor liability insurance? There are hundreds of thousands of restaurants operating across the United States. Many of these establishments hold a liquor license, meaning they can serve alcohol to patrons. But does your standard business insurance policy cover liability associated with serving alcohol? In many cases, you need to go beyond your typical general liability policy on your restaurant to guarantee liquor-related incidents are covered.

Liability Exposure

There is a lot of exposure related to merely serving alcohol to patrons in a restaurant. If you are an establishment that sells and serves in the purchase or use of alcohol, you could face the consequences of foul play by someone who has too much to drink. It may be something as simple as someone drinking too much and falling on his or her way out of the restaurant. If the injury is to the individual, someone else, or property, a standard general liability policy will not protect you. Liquor liability insurance is going to be required.

Restaurants Are at Fault

You would think that if someone were inebriated in your restaurant, they would be at fault in the event of an accident or liability claim. That is not the case! Instead, it falls on the shoulders of the restaurant, the establishment that sold and served the alcohol.

Liquor Liability Insurance

States require the insurance when serving alcohol to individuals. Many alcohol-related liability claims are filed against bars and restaurants annually. Many of these policies sell as stand-alone or additions to general liability or package policies.

Liquor liability insurance is going to protect you if you have a patron that is injured or does damage to property. If he or she were to get into an altercation with another person at the restaurant, assault and battery could also follow suit. The charges, along with the litigation fees and everything in-between is what a liquor liability insurance policy will protect you with.

Take Measures on Your Own

As a restaurant, you can also take measures into your own hands. Be sure that you are training employees on refusing alcohol to those who should no longer consume it. Enforce measuring restrictions when drinks are made and also encourage patrons to use Uber, Lyft, as well as other taxi-type services.

Exposures are everywhere for restaurants, and it is pivotal that you ensure protection. Work with our team at Brashears Insurance, and we can help you be sure you get the coverage necessary. Liquor liability insurance is nothing to ignore or take for granted. It can make all of the difference in ensuring you limit restaurant exposure.