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wildfireCalifornia is no stranger to wildfire. In fact, California wildfires are one of the most frequent and costly natural disasters on the planet. Several recent California wildfires have devastated the state, destroying billions of dollars worth of private property and costing taxpayers billions more.

In California, fire season is now a year-round event. When one fire ends, it seems like another is just around the corner. With its vengeance comes a strong threat to homes and lives. Fortunately, though, there are several tips you can follow to help protect your home against wildfire, including buying proper insurance coverage, such as California fire insurance. Here’s how to protect your home from wildfire:

Move Debris Away from Your Home

A simple project for any homeowner, you must clear away any combustible debris. In fact, it’s the law. Cal Fire says homeowners must clear debris at least a 100 feet from any structure. This 100-foot defensible space protects your home, gives firefighters the room they need to work and acts as a safety barrier for the first responders. Combustible debris will include a variety of things, including:

  • Dry grass
  • Brush
  • Stacks of firewood
  • Wood fence/deck

Remember, the clearer the area is around your home, the better defense you have against fire.

Protect the Roof

When it comes to fire, your home’s roof is often the most vulnerable. This is one of the main reasons you should never put cedar shakes on your roof, and this applies even if you live in an urban area. And while Asphalt shingle roofs are commonly the norm for homes in areas that are prone to fire, your best bet is a tile or steel roof. As far as the siding on your home, you should stick with fiber cement, or if preferred, stucco tends to stand up well to fire, as well. No matter the type you choose, remember that a non-flammable underlayment will immensely help improve your home’s fire resistance.

Start from the Ground Up

If you are building a new home, this gives you a great opportunity to build it with fire-resistant materials from the start. Here are several tips to follow when building a new construction:

  • Make sure structures have good access for emergency vehicles
  • Avoid complex shapes
  • Avoid bump outs
  • Install a sprinkler system
  • Have a standing water source

Install New Windows and Drapes

Your windows and drapes need to be heat and flame resistant. Did you know that a fire does not have to make its way into your house to catch the drapes on fire? Once the drapes are exposed to a certain temperature for a certain period, they will ignite. This is why it is so important to upgrade your windows and drapes to ensure they are manufactured out of material that is heat-resistant.

The Takeaway: Protect Your Home From Wildfire

No matter the precautionary steps you take to protect your home against a wildfire, you still need to invest in California fire insurance. At Brashears Insurance, our associates are well educated in California fire insurance coverages and are here to help you understand your coverages. Call us today at (805) 564-7645 for more information.