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As the owner or manager of a restaurant, you’re subjected to many risk areas that could be detrimental to your business if you aren’t protected. One such area is restaurant cyber liability. It’s a risk that isn’t well known throughout the restaurant industry.

Common Restaurant Cyber Liability Mistakes

Restaurant cyber liability centers around data breaches – both physical and virtual. These can be executed by criminals who are outside the reach of the United States’ legal system, by employees or even customers. Cyber liability and data breach insurance is a crucial factor in ensuring that your restaurant is covered.

Are you guilty of making the following four mistakes when it comes to protecting your restaurant from cyber threats?

1. Thinking Your Third-Party Vendor’s Protections Extend to You

No matter how efficiently the third-party vendor that you use for credit card transactions or reservations handles these tasks, it’s still your responsibility to protect the personal data your company handles. This means that you need to protect the sensitive customer and employee data that passes through your restaurant’s systems.

2. Assuming Your General Liability Insurance Protects You

If you’re one of the many restaurant owners who purchased a business insurance policy that has general liability built in, you might think you’re covered for any issues. Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to cyber liability. A general liability insurance policy is not designed to provide protection for your restaurant in the event a data breach occurs.

3. Hoping Your IT Team Will Protect You

It’s an unfortunate sign of the times, but many data breaches occur due to a disgruntled employee or because of an error made by a worker. These actions could be as harmless as opening malware or suspicious emails. Another issue involves the sharing of passwords for the computer and other protected devices. It’s common practice to write them on a piece of paper that’s taped to the side of the computer. Regardless of your situation, the fact remains that your employees are both your biggest asset and your largest risk.

4. Thinking Cyber liability Insurance Will be Too Expensive

The cost of restaurant cyber liability insurance varies according to a range of factors. Regardless of how much it cost, it’s inexpensive when compared to the risks — both monetary and otherwise — that your restaurant could face if a data breach insures.

At Brashears, we understand that data breaches aren’t something that you have time to worry about. That’s why we provide restaurant cyber liability insurance that protects everything that you’ve worked so hard to build. Don’t let careless employees or unscrupulous hackers compromise your restaurant’s reputation. Contact us today for a customized quote for cyber liability insurance.