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Restaurant Insurance

If you own or manage a restaurant, it is imperative that you obtain the proper insurance. Restaurant insurance offers financial protection in the event of unfortunate events ranging from a fire to food poisoning, on-site injury, property damage etc.

A lack of restaurant insurance has the potential to result in significant financial losses that could ultimately bankrupt your business.

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Different Types of Restaurant Insurance

All sorts of different insurance policies are available for restaurant owners:

  • Fire insurance is essential for a restaurant due to the presence of ovens and other cooking equipment. It provides compensation in the event that a fire damages the facility.
  • Liquor liability protects you in the event that a customer gets drunk at your restaurant and injures himself or another individual.
  • General liability insurance is a policy that protects the restaurant owner, the restaurant’s employees and the business itself from claims related to bodily injury.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for medical costs and other expenses that stem from an injury causally related to workplace activities.
  • Auto insurance covers the restaurant vehicle used for deliveries, the transportation of people, goods etc.
  • Loss of income insurance is available to cover income lost following a disaster that closes the facility.
  • Employment Practices Liability insurance is available to cover wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment and other allegations against the restaurant owner from both employees and the general public. Restaurants are one of the leading industries with EPLI claims due to the age of most employees and the charged atmosphere that can develop.
  • Cyber Liability / Data Breach Insurance is available to cover the cost associated with losing customers private information. Credit card fraud is an obvious way that criminals target restaurants due to the high volume of credit card transactions and if there’s a breach cyber liability will help the restaurant owner deal with it.

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Who Needs Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant owners should secure insurance before opening for business. If you own a restaurant or have any sort of financial stake in a restaurant, you can significantly limit your liability by obtaining restaurant insurance. This is true of every type of restaurant, ranging from fast food restaurants to cafes, chain eateries and gourmet restaurants.

    Benefits of Restaurant Insurance

    Restaurant insurance has the potential to keep your restaurant in business when disaster strikes. Imagine a situation in which a customer eats at your facility, claims his entree caused food poisoning and subsequent hospitalization.

    Or, imagine a situation in which an employee driving your delivery vehicle strikes and kills a child in the road. The number of potentially devastating lawsuits and unfortunate events that can bankrupt a restaurant are seemingly endless.

    Restaurant insurance significantly mitigates these risks, providing extensive financial protection to keep your facility’s doors open and your business in the black.

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    Brashears Insurance: Restaurant Insurance Made Easy

    Brashears Insurance understands that restaurant insurance might seem a bit complicated to the average person. We have gone to great lengths to simplify this form of insurance. Let us sweat the subtleties to ensure your facility is protected from all angles. We’ll explain the details of restaurant insurance in layman’s terms you can understand. Furthermore, our insurance is available at a surprisingly low cost that every restaurant owner can afford.

    Contact Brashears Insurance Today

    Don’t let an unfortunate event zap your restaurant’s profitability or force you to close your doors. Reach out to Brashears Insurance today for a restaurant insurance quote. You can contact us by calling 805-564-7645.