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Using a Santa Barbara insurance broker has many advantages about which you may not know. There are definitely some things you can do with an expert on your side that would be difficult without. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should use a Santa Barbara insurance broker:

Better Pricing

Shopping multiple insurance brands through a broker gives you an automatic advantage. The reason that insurance companies want you to come direct is so they can charge you more. Broker pricing is often better than direct pricing.

Because brokers have been professionally trained to assess risk in the same way as insurance companies, they know the game and can get a truer price. Call Brashears for any questions about how this gets done.

Easy Booking

Shopping for insurance using a broker is usually a much easier process than going direct. The true value of a broker, outside of getting lower prices, is the convenience the broker offers. Besides being trained in how to properly price insurance, brokers also understand the structure of insurance companies.

While you would be fumbling around looking for the right person to email or call, the broker would already have gotten through to the decision-maker and allowed you to go on with your day.

Better Packaging

The fine print in insurance coverage can be overwhelming, even for experts in an industry. You may be an expert in your industry, but you are not an expert in how well an insurance company assesses and covers your industry.

The sometimes dense and confusing language in insurance policies can be misinterpreted quite easily by the layman, which may mean a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars to your company depending on your claim. Going through an insurance broker ensures that you are getting the appropriate type of coverage for your company. Insurance brokers will be able to assess the language in a coverage package and negotiate personalized terms if needed.

Peace of Mind

When you have a question about your insurance policy, being able to call a broker is much easier than having to work through the hundreds of names at an insurance company to find the right person. Your broker gives you the peace of mind to know that you can always ask any question about your insurance policy to one person.

Santa Barbara insurance broker

Brashears Insurance is a Santa Barbara insurance broker. At Brashears, we make sure that you are never surprised by the language of your insurance agreement or the service that you receive when it is executed. We pride ourselves on giving our clients all of the advantages mentioned above and more. Call us when you are ready for professional and caring service for all of your insurance needs.