A home. A business. A few cars. Investments. The successful life means
you need several types insurance. And with so much at stake, it's
important to choose smart policies that fit together to serve you best.
Brashears takes the time to get to understand your lifestyle. We ask questions that other agencies might overlook. We customize policies and manage your coverage so that it evolves with you. We think of it as synchronizing insurance to best serve the needs of each client.
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For Your Home

Gain a new level of confidence knowing that your home and lifestyle are protected. The recent California wild fires reinforced our belief that we best serve our client by helping clarify risk and identify smart solutions before disaster strikes.

For Your Business

It's not easy running a successful business.
We can manage your business policies so you can focus
on running the company.

For Your Cars, Boat, and RV

Whether they are an expression of your personality or merely transportation for your family, your vehicles are big part of life here in California. Getting the right coverage today can avoid big hassles down the road.


California businesses have specific requirements and face unique challenges. We've combined our understanding of business owners needs with years of experience and expertise in coverage. We take time to visit your business and review its' operations in order to understand the true nature of your risk.

Thorough reviews combined with and understanding of your future goals, are conducted so that we may develop a comprehensive plan that fits and evolves with you. Let us put the synchronized approach to work for you.

Whether you own a fleet of cars, drive a motorcycle, or are the proud owner of antique automobiles, we are expert in choosing coverage that suits your lifestyle. Shopping for the lowest price on the Internet is risky as it is a one-size-fits-all approach. The successful person generally has more than one insurance need and may require unique coverage. Let us put the synchronized approach to work for you. Call us.

"Insurance is a fact of life. Yet too many successful Californians find out the hard way that their coverage wasn't what they had thought...or hoped. They don't realize their true options or the limitations of their policies until it is too late."

At Brashears, our mission is to make sure that our clients are never unpleasantly surprised.

Our solution is a simple but effective "synchronized" approach. It starts by caring enough to ask the questions that other agencies routinely miss. We listen carefully. We tailor a policy plan to fit your unique situation. Then we monitor and manage each policy to work together continuously over time and provide the confidence you need.

Brashears is different than the mega-agencies that want to sell you a policy online, never seeing you, your property or your business. That's not ok for a successful person with a lot at stake. Brashears is for people who have reached a place in life where the one-size-fits-all approach just isn't good enough.

A high standard of personalized service is our focus and what makes us different, but our prices remain competitive. And of course we work only with well-known and respected underwriters including Travelers, Chubb, Hartford and others.

Please contact us to talk about insurance for your real estate, business, vehicles or any aspect of protecting your lifestyle. It would be our pleasure to put the synchronized approach to work for you.


Mike Brashears

3891 State Street, Suite 106, Santa Barbara, CA 93105