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Running a construction business without insurance is not just a matter of compliance; it's about safeguarding your passion and livelihood. Imagine the weight of responsibility if a sudden accident at a jobsite leaves your workers injured or results in a costly lawsuit from property damage. Without construction insurance, your dreams can crumble as swiftly as a poorly-built structure. But with insurance as your ally, you protect not just your business, but your family, your employees, and their families too. Several types of construction insurance policies cater to the diverse needs of contractors, builders, and project owners.
● General Liability Insurance: This foundational policy covers third-party bodily injury or property damage claims arising from construction activities, safeguarding against legal and medical expenses.
● Workers' Compensation: Mandatory in many regions, it provides benefits to injured employees, covering medical costs and lost wages.
● Builder's Risk Insurance: Protects against damage to the construction site, materials, and equipment during the project, ensuring financial security until completion.
● Professional Liability Insurance: Architects, engineers, and consultants benefit from this coverage, shielding them from claims related to design errors or omissions.
● Surety Bonds: Often required for public projects, they guarantee a contractor's performance and financial obligations, assuring project completion.
● Contractor's Equipment Insurance: Covers equipment and machinery used on the construction site against theft, damage, or breakdown.
● Environmental Liability Insurance: Protects against pollution-related claims, vital for projects with potential environmental impacts.
● Commercial Auto Insurance: This coverage safeguards against medical expenses for both your employees and any individuals affected by one of your vehicles in the event of an accident. It also offers coverage for legal defense and property damage, along with various other benefits.


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