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Insurance is a fact of life. You don’t want to find out the hard way that your coverage isn’t what you expected or that there are limitations to your policies that you weren’t aware of until it was too late. At Brashears, our mission is to make sure that our clients are never unpleasantly surprised.

Our solution is a simple but effective synchronized approach. It starts by caring enough to ask the questions that other agencies routinely miss. We listen carefully and tailor a policy plan to fit your unique situation. Then we monitor and manage each policy to work together continuously over time, providing the confidence you need. We understand that your life is multifaceted and that you have various assets, properties, and responsibilities that need protection. We provide a range of insurance products that work together seamlessly to cover all your insurance needs, including home, auto, business, life, health, and other types of insurance. Our synchronized approach ensures that you have no gaps in coverage, no overlapping policies, and no confusion when it comes to filing claims or managing your insurance policies. We want to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that every aspect of their life is protected with the right insurance coverage.

Brashears is different than mega-agencies; we make a point to get to know our clients, their properties, and their businesses in person. A one-size-fits-all approach just isn’t good enough, so we make it our mission to create customized and tailored coverage for every single one of our clients. Read more about the multitude of areas we provide coverage for:


We only represent best in class carriers

We are dedicated to exceed all of our client’s expectations for, Honesty, Service, Consistency and Value.
We only represent A rated carriers to provide the best coverage based on individual needs. Brashears and Newendorp Insurance Brokers insures clients nationwide, including Alaska, and Hawaii.


I cannot thank Mike and Brashears enough for helping me secure insurance for an event we hosted in Santa Barbara. I called ~20 different brokers in both Canada and the US, and none could find a policy that fit my needs — until Mike (water event, company based outside of the US). So thrilled. Thank you Mike!

Jacqui MurphySaved Our Event